Listed below are links to friends of the band who have helped us over the years.

A big "Thank You" goes out to each and every one of them!

(Mouse over their names for contact details)

Linda Caren

Pascal Sallou

​Francois Defaut

FX Amps

​Stephen Stanley

​Lee Christian @ Cheshire Guitars (Master distributor for Sfarzo Strings)

Ray Haller & Janine Elaine Tweedie at NWR (New World Reign) Agency

Roland UK

Alistair "Aldy" Devlin

Alec McGrory

Tony Corner

Kirk Lothian

Frank Taylor R.I.P.

Jim Keilt  

​Debra Park & Ian Lambert

Ash Gupta

Jimmy Caulder

Ian Butterwick

GuitarGuitar, Glasgow  

Al Fleming

Ray Harris

Bill Bruce (Different Video)

Stuart Stott

Ronnie Fisher

Colin Leck

Graham Milne

​Iain's Guitar Repairs 

​​Lance Windhurst @ Vibe FM Radio, Detroit

SC Relics Guitar Emporium

Koivisto Guitars