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Drummer, Calum Wilson is well known around the West of Scotland having been a member of "Madison" who toured the country extensively in support of their CD "Cogs & Wheels". 

When he is not playing with the Brian Rawson Band, he can be seen playing with "Shredd" and "Real Ghosts".


                                      Belfast born, Brian Rawson, was a member of The Tearjerkers 

                                      (Good Vibrations/Phonogram) who toured with Thin Lizzy,                                                 Dexy's Midnight Runners, Doll by Doll and Rachel Sweet. He                                             played guitar on Jim Lyttle's demo's with Jimmy Bain (Rainbow/                                        Wild Horses/Dio) producing and playing bass on the track,                                                 "Rough, Tough & Pretty Too" in the band that would eventually                                       become Rogue Male. He played guitar on two tracks on                                                     American singer/songwriter Jon Lacabanne's album "Amen", all the guitars on Deidre Cunningham's album "Sunny Days" and played a one-off gig in Nashville with "Handsome" Mick Rowe's band, "Nineteen88", before returning to the UK where he joined "Sweet" for a UK tour. Prior to forming his own band, he was a member of The Lynsey Dolan Band and co-wrote the track "Do Right Man" which appears on the "Jock's Juke Joint - Volume 2" CD and played all the guitars on EmmaJane's "Red shoes" EP.



                                      Bass player, Jim Carr, was a former member of the bands;                                                 "Little Head" & "Big in America" both of whom recorded a                                                 succession of singles in London. Jim can be seen playing in and                                       around the Glasgow area with "Sunburst" when he is not                                                   playing with the Brian Rawson Band.

                                      Blues singer, Greig Taylor, formerly of the GT's Boos Band, was                                       nominated for best vocalist in the 2014 British Blues Awards                                             and has built up a substantial following throughout the UK and                                       abroad having appeared in the BBC documentary "The UK's                                             Best Part Time Band" under the mentor-ship of Midge Ure. He                                         has appeared on Paul Jones' eponymous BBC Radio 2 blues                                             programme and made numerous appearances at gigs and                                               festivals up and down the country and his contributions to his former bands' two highly acclaimed albums, both as a singer and co-songwriter, have cemented his reputation as one of Scotland's foremost soulful, blues singers.