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Drummer, Don Wilson, recently joined the band having previously played with Brian in the "Deadly Romantics." A much in demand player, Don can be seen playing with Stephanie Cheape, with whom he's just recorded an album, when he's not gigging with BRB.  

The following year, Peter was approached by Paul Samson to join the band, Samson, and was immediately involved in writing and recording the "Look to the Future" album that was scheduled for an Autumn release. The band recorded a session for Tommy Vance's Radio 1 Rock Show including a jingle that was used until the show was taken off the air. They headlined the Astoria in London and their album, "Refugee", was released a year later following a remix by Paul Samson but, by this time, the band had disbanded and Peter returned to Glasgow and decided to take a haitus from the music business.

Apart from a handful of gigs with Glasgow band, Blind Alley, in 2007 - 08, Peter kept a low profile musically until 2010 when Moritz re-formed to promote their 1987 "City Streets" EP which was re-released in CD format and contained a number of bonus tracks. In 2010, Peter teamed up with Greg Hart (Cats in Space) to write and record new material resulting in the "Undivided" album and followed up three years later with "SOS" and a short tour which culminated in an appearance at the inaugural HRH AOR in 2013. In 2017, Moritz released the album "About time too" and appeared at both the Cambridge Rock Festival and Rockingham in addition to a number of club gigs

Peter also sings with Chris Glen (SAHB / MSG) & The Outfit, who perform classic Sensational Alex Harvey Band and Michael Schenker songs, when Chris is not on tour.

Vocalist, Peter Scallan, started out singing with Guliano Gizzi in what would eventually become GUN and left a short time after their appearance at Radio Clyde's Kelvingrove Festival. In 1986, he recorded an album with London band, L.A. Secrets, that included Laurence Archer (Grand Slam, UFO/Wild Horses) and Clive Edwards (Wild Horses/UFO) on drums. He joined AOR band, Moritz, sometime later and played a headline show at the Marquee in Wardour Street after only a week! Despite an EP that was well received and great live reviews, they failed to land a major deal and split up at the close of 1988.

                                          Keyboard player, Al Hearton, hails from Ayr, and is classically trained having studied                                            music at Napier and Glasgow Universities. He was a member and co-writer of Epic                                                Leaf/Arrival who signed to Phonogram as "Frontier" in 1989. He has worked with                                                  Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Mike Rutherford (Mike & The Mechanics, Genesis),                                                Pig Iron, Tommy Allen's Trafficker, Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson Group) The                                                          Sneakers, Dr. JJ's Blues Band and has played on countless sessions both in London                                              and Scotland. His own Hammond-led band, "Bluesgrinder", have appeared in                                                        several venues and blues festivals and recorded live for BBC Radio 6 Music at the                                                legendary BBC Maida Vale Studios with Bruce Dickinson, Alex Dickson (Gun) and a host of other guests. Among his many influences, Al cites Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, Lyle Mays and Otis Span and, while possessing two vintage Hammond Organs and a Yamaha C3X Grand Piano, he plans to use a Roland VK77 Hammond clone and Roland Integra module through Roland amplification in the Brian Rawson Band.


                                      Belfast born, Brian Rawson, was a member of The Tearjerkers 

                                      (Good Vibrations/Phonogram) who toured with Thin Lizzy,                                                 Dexy's Midnight Runners, Doll by Doll and Rachel Sweet. He                                              relocated to London where he played guitar on Jim Lyttle's                                                demo's with Jimmy Bain (Rainbow/ Wild Horses/Dio) producing                                        and playing bass on the track, "Rough, Tough & Pretty Too" in                                          the band that would eventually become Rogue Male. Brian                                                emigrated to the U.S. and, most notably, played guitar on American singer/songwriter Jon Lacabanne's album "Amen", recorded all the guitars on Deidre Cunningham's album "Sunny Days" and played a one-off gig in Nashville with "Handsome" Mick Rowe's band, "Nineteen88", before returning to the UK where he joined "Sweet" for a UK tour. Prior to forming his own band, he was a member of The Lynsey Dolan Band and co-wrote the track "Do Right Man" which appears on the "Jock's Juke Joint - Volume 2" CD and played all the guitars on EmmaJane's "Red shoes" EP.                                                              

                                      Bass player, Jim Carr, was a former member of the bands;                                                "Little Head" & "Big in America" both of whom recorded a                                                   succession of singles in London. Jim can be seen playing in                                                around the Glasgow area with "Sunburst" when he is not                                                  playing with the Brian Rawson Band.