John Boos hails from Stirling and won the "musician of the year" competition at high                                                  school and recorded a track and performed it at the McRoberts Arts Centre. 
                                               His earliest band, Rubix Touch released two studio albums of original material and                                                    were played on the Janice Forsyth show on BBC Radio Scotland, he formed "Black                                                      Smoke Blues", with singer/song-writer Bugsy Maclean, who performed throughout                                                      Scotland and opened up for artists including Otis Grand, Jimmy Thomas (Ike Turner                                                    band) and an appearance the Edinburgh Blues Festival. His next band, the GT’s Boos                                                  band, caught the attention of Dutch DJ, John Van Lent, of KCOR who invited them to play in Holland where they subsequently toured. Their debut album, which John composed, was unveiled at the Tollbooth Music Venue in Stirling to a sell-out audience and led to the band being approached by the BBC to perform in a TV documentary, “The UK’s Best Part Time Band” hosted by Rhod Gilbert and their mentor Midge Ure which was initially filmed in Scotland with the final performance captured at The Empire in Belfast. Their second album was performed in front of a sold-out Tollbooth Stirling and they went on to support a number of well know blues artists throughout the UK and Europe. Both albums were well received and continue to feature on playlists throughout blues radio. John recently joined the Brian Rawson Band and will be heard on their forthcoming release which is scheduled for an April 2020 release.


Glasgow singer, Ian McHaffie, is a veteran of the Scottish blues circuit and has performed up and down the country. Ian is an accomplished guitar player and performs regularly in Glasgow when he is not singing with the Brian Rawson Band. 

Bass player, J.P. Gourley, is from Girvan and has been a regular fixture on the Scottish folk and blues circuit for a number of years. When he is not playing with the Brian Rawson Band, he can be seen playing with the bands, "Anchor Line", "The Bond", the curiously named, "Dodgy Jumpers", and teaching guitar in his home studio.

                                       South African producer/Drummer, Shaun Neethling, has a                                                                                         rich history of recording and touring with a number of major acts in his home                                                           country. Since arriving in the UK, he has recorded and produced extensively                                                             in a number of studios in Scotland, where he now lives, and is currently a                                                                 lecturer/Drum Tutor at the Riverside Music College in Busby. He is currently                                                           working with Brian on an album of original material that is scheduled for a Spring                                                   2020 release. 


                                           Belfast born, Brian Rawson, was a member of The Tearjerkers

  Vibrations/Phonogram)        (Good Vibrations/Phonogram) who toured with Thin Lizzy,  Dexy's Midnight Runners,

                                               Doll by Doll and Rachel Sweet. He relocated to London where he played guitar                                                                  on demo's with Jimmy Bain (Rainbow/ Wild Horses/Dio) who produced, and playing bass                                                  on the track, "Rough, Tough & Pretty Too", in the band that would eventually become                                                        Rogue Male. Brian emigrated to the U.S. and, most notably, played guitar on American                                                    singer/songwriter Jon Lacabanne's album "Amen", recorded all the guitars on Deidre                                                        Cunningham's album "Sunny Days" and played a one-off gig in Nashville with "Handsome"                                                Mick Rowe's band, "Nineteen88", before returning to the UK where he joined "Sweet" for a UK tour. He co-wrote the track "Do Right Man", which appears on the "Jock's Juke Joint - Volume 2" CD, and wrote "This is Life" which has subsequently appeared on an album recorded by a local band.