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​​Around November 2012, a friend of mine posted a clip on Youtube of a blues band he'd just been to see and, after watching it, I decided that I wanted to play in a band just like it but, to do it the way I wanted to, I'd have to start my own. I asked around to find out who was available and was told in no uncertain terms that "Jim Carr should be your bass player!"

I contacted Jim and drove down to his house with my guitar, two songs I'd written and a packet of Boasters. We ran over the songs and chatted over endless cups of tea and I knew instantly that Jim should be my bass player! 

Over the course of a year, we got together in the same manner while, at the same time, increasing McVitie's and Tetley's profits, until it was time to get a full line-up. We found a drummer and rather than wait until we found a singer, we decided to go ahead and book a gig with yours truly on vocals and guitar and, when I say "we" , I mean Jim!

In retrospect, it was a wise move as it started the ball rolling and we've had some great musicians come and go but fast forward to 2017 and here we are with singer, Greig "GT" Taylor, and powerhouse drummer, Calum Wilson, about to tour the UK and release a CD!


                                                                                                                                                To be continued..........